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Telstra is one of the largest telecom operators in Australia. It provides 99.4% of Australians with their internet. Being a leader in their industry among competitors like TPG and Optus, Telstra implements advanced technologies, such as 5G, throughout the country. They provide many valuable services such as NBN internet and bundles and mobile connection. When they experience internet outages, Tangerine step up to keep customers in the know.

A substantial part of our daily lives consists of the internet. Most of us rely heavily on the internet to stay connected to friends and family or even make an income. It is understandable why a Telstra internet outage is a big deal. We are here to help you get through.

What is an Internet Outage?

An internet blackout or outage is when internet access is unavailable to a region of people. Unplanned internet outages are when network services are either limited to unstable speeds or completely shut down. There are many reasons why internet outages occur. 

In the event of cyber-attacks, hackers sometimes create outages as part of their technological attack. To prevent the leakage of classified information to the public, the Government might arrange an internet outage over regions or the entirety of Australia. The military uses internet service outages as part of a strategy during warfare. Earthquakes, tropical cyclones and other natural disasters can render networks and the delivery of many services impossible for lengthy periods. Even extreme weather conditions, such as solar storms and gale-force winds, can result in internet outages that last for months.

While Telstra is a leading operator in their industry, they are not immune to needing to do internet outages. A general outage in your area or Tangerine maintenance issues may be causing the problem. There are a few things to know when faced with an internet outage.

How Do I Check Telstra Outage?

Check to see if the other devices in your home are fully functioning. If the problem is not on your end, you may have a Telstra outage. 

To figure out whether there is a Telstra outage in your area, visit the Tangerine Outage website. You will find an easy-to-navigate regional map that indicates the internet levels of different regions that Telstra supplies internet connectivity. Below this, you will find a further report on the historical and current outage status, the time of the outages, and other details. The website also features a search tool for NBN broadband network outages. You can search for the address link of your area to monitor for shutdowns or a decrease in internet levels.

Alternatively, check the Twitter and Facebook page of Telstra because they often punctually post updates on the status of their current outages.

If the previous suggestions prove unhelpful, you are encouraged to contact the Telstra customer service team for support on your connection issues. You can easily find their number on their website.

Where are Telstra Outages?

Using the regional map on the Tangerine website, you can view where Telstra is the internet provider supplier (IPS). The map displays red and yellow icons over various locations. To find areas where internet degradation is occurring, look for yellow icons. Red icons denote locations where there is an internet outage. A yellow or red circle with a warning sign featured on the map means there is either a nationwide degradation or outage, respectively. In other words, the entire country is experiencing the problem.

Below the map are four tabs. The historic status bar, the current status bar, the planned work bar and the mass network disruption bar are featured. By clicking on the status bar, reports generated on the status of Telstra outages and their times will be shown.

How to Know If Telstra Has an Outage?

Buffering internet or no internet connectivity suggests Tangerine network outages. Messages commonly received are as follows: your IP is not secure, or your device cannot connect to the server. In a business setting, communications and many operations may go down during a Telstra outage as all devices such as phones and computers will be unable to connect to the network. 

First, assess your devices and servers for faults that may be causing the problem. If this is not the case, review the Tangerine Outage website for information on the Telstra internet outage. Contact the Telstra customer service team for further reports on the outage or support services. You can find their number on the Telstra website.

How to Check Cell Phone Outages?

Cell phone outages can occur, but first, check if your mobile is within an internet coverage area and if it has a connection to the mobile provider. Communicate with someone within a region that is not experiencing a Telstra outage. Does the call go through? Someone else changing your phone settings without your knowledge could also be causing the disconnection. So, review your network and connection settings. It is advisable to reboot your mobile as this is often an easy fix for a phone struggling to gain an internet connection.

Your cell phone may feature network and connection notifications that indicate when the network is unavailable. When communication and services that rely on an internet connection, such as Google, are out of order, a Telstra internet outage might be at play. If you are sure the issue is not on your end, consider contacting the Telstra customer service team for support.

What Caused Cell Phone Outage Today?

Cell phone technology is highly affected by the weather. Favourable weather is necessary for a stable connection to internet servers. Poor weather conditions can often slow-down or halt cell phone communication by disrupting telephone masts and network signals, resulting in outages. Natural disasters and extreme weather conditions can also cause severe damage to infrastructure. Damaged infrastructure can result in prolonged outage problems for as long as months. 

Electrical engineers employed by internet service providers can make faulty connections on masts. These faulty connections can cause outages. Upgrades and repairs to network infrastructures need to happen once in a while and require cell phone outages for safety. 

Another reason for cell phone outages includes issues such as cyber-attacks and hacking. Hackers are known to jam the network of their victims sometimes. The jam causes an outage. The hacker can then freely access the victim’s device to commit their cyber-attack undetected. The military and the Government can also order a cell phone outage in the event of a security risk wherein they fear the release of sensitive information may take place.

When will the Telstra Outage Be Fixed?

The common reasons for Telstra outages are infrastructure upgrades and repair. Usually, it takes under seven hours to sort out. It is, however, difficult for Tangerine Telecom to provide a particular timeframe for the outage fix. It depends on the reason for the outage. The process of fixing a Telstra internet outage begins with the tech team determining the cause of the outage. They then need to find a solution. Natural disasters can cause severe damage to infrastructure. Damaged infrastructure is not an easy fix. It may take a while to rebuild the infrastructure for a stable online connection. Tangerine services outages can sometimes be the result of Government or military orders. Tangerine has no control over when the Government will lift these orders. Tangerine also has little control over poor weather conditions that cause network outages. Once the weather has settled, Tangerine does its best to restore the internet connection swiftly. Your patience in these circumstances is always highly appreciated.

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